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Google Apps Customer Stories

Customers continue to talk about Google Apps, and we love to share their information with our potential clients. Not only does Google Apps make your businesses online applicaitons more secure, productive and simple, it is also saving customers thousands compared to Microsofts Exchange server. But don’t take our word for it, view the videos below to see how Google Apps has changed clients businesses.


District of Columbia Government

Local government
Government, North America

"We were looking for a technology that could be scaled immediately, and based on those metrics and the economic value of being able to roll out a technology super fast at a low cost, we decided to go with Google Apps™."

Vivek Kundra – CTO

Avago Technologies

Technology, North America

"We decided to go to Google Apps enterprise-wide (4,100 users) with the whole Google Apps suite. My users are happy now, but I also save $1.6 million dollars per year."

Bob Rudy – VP and CIO


Web-powered search, ads and apps
Technology, North America

"We wanted to demonstrate that we believe so strongly in this product that we run our own company on it. Internal use of Google Apps should validate any requirements that Google makes for business users. In addition, it will improve the product for customers of all sizes, since any features added by Google’s engineers will benefit all users."

Douglas Merrill - Former CIO and Vice President of Engineering

Motorola Mobile Devices Division

Mobile handset manufacturers
Technology, North America

"What got me excited about Google Apps was the mass computing power that Google has and their ability to deliver it in a secure way to enterprises."

Walt Oswald – VP of IT

Johnson Diversey

Commercial cleaning products
Industrial goods, North America

"One of the huge benefits that Google Apps brings is never having to upgrade again. And not only that, but Google's giving us something new every single day."

Brent Hoag – Director of IT