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G Suite and Google Cloud Identity Premium now support password vaulted apps for single sign-on

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

What’s changing 

We're making it easy for admins to enable single sign-on for thousands of additional apps that don’t support modern authentication standards like SAML and OIDC. The combination of standards based and password-vaulted app support will deliver one of the largest SSO app catalogs in the industry. 

Who’s impacted 

Admins and end users

Why you’d use it 

Google supports single sign-on for apps in the G Suite Marketplace, apps that support SAML or OIDC as an authentication mechanism, and apps that leverage LDAP for sign-on. While this existing solution works for many apps, some of our customers rely on apps that don’t support these standards. others don’t support federated single sign-on. This release provides seamless one-click access for users and a single point of management, visibility, and control for admins.

With password vaulting, admins can:

Manage credentials in a single space,Securely enable access to shared credentials,Manage access to app credentials based on group membership, andLog and access reports on usage of the credentials within their organization. End users can view and login to their apps with a single click within a new user dashboard.

How to get started

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